From: ArtistWorks Newsletter - Wednesday Sep 16, 2020 08:01 pm
September Updates: Watch the Virtual Jazz Masterclass, 5 Day Paul Gilbert Challenge and More!
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Check It Out
Peter Erskine: Swinging on the Ride
ArtistWorks jazz drum master Peter Erskine offers up some helpful tips for developing your ride cymbal technique, as part of his online drum lessons series! Watch Now.
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The IBMA Bluegrass Music Awards
Congratulations to ArtistWorks masters Darol Anger, Andy Hall, Bryan Sutton, and Missy Raines for receiving nominations for the International Bluegrass Music Association’s 31st annual Bluegrass Music Awards! Learn More!
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ArtistWorks Podcast
Habits of Highly Effective Musicians with Christie Peery
ArtistWorks CEO Patricia Butler sits down with piano master Christie Peery to discuss tips to refine your practice routine and to overcome roadblocks in your musical journey. Learn More!
Breaking Through 'The Sound of Silence'
Adult Beginners
Breaking Through ‘The Sound Of Silence’
Are you feeling restless or anxious? Maybe it’s because your music has been silent for far too long. Science shows that playing music produces endorphins and releases dopamine, the chemicals that brighten our outlook and make us feel good inside. Find out more and re-connect with your instrument. Read Now.
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