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Did you know that "digital data" ranks third among things most people would like to save in an emergency— outranked only by money and family photos?

Do you remember the last time you backed up the files on your computer?
ASUS WebStorage records that your most recent login was on 2018/09/27.
If you normally use ASUS WebStorage to back up and sync your files, good job!
If it's been a while since you last logged in, you'd better upload your documents now to keep them safe.

Just 0.05 USD a day!

Why insure your files?

→ You've nothing to lose by saving an extra copy, and it saves file transfer time when you switch between computers
→ If you delete a file by mistake, you can still rescue it from the cloud recycling bin
→ Better still, by installing the app on your phone, you can browse your computer files at any time when you're out and about

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Thank you for letting ASUS WebStorage take good care of your files, so you can rest easy!
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