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From June 1st, there's no free unlimited storage. Where will you save the photos on your phone?

ASUS WebStorage

EmailTuna, Google is no longer offering free unlimited storage

Do you store all your pictures on your phone?

Do you store all your pictures on your phone?

Get Free 500 GB storage

From June 1st, 2021, Google Photos will no longer provide you with free "unlimited access” to your pictures/videos. Google Workspace for Education will also follow suit in 2022. Free “all-you-can-store” cloud space is a thing of the past. Whether you are an old or a new member, what will you do with tons of files?

Don’t worry about it! Leave it to ASUS WebStorage

Your files will be managed automatically. You can manage your own time.

•Auto back-up

No more worrying about losing files if you haven't backed them up

•Auto sync

Seamlessly connect on multiple devices to obtain the most up-to-date version of your files anytime, anywhere

•Auto protect

Online virus scanning, real-time quarantining of files to avoid the threat of infections

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Your storage space has been expanded by 500 GB, use it free for 30 days!
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*This offer is available to users free of charge for 30 days, and is not transferable to other accounts.
*The 500 GB of storage space will expire after 30 days. The system will automatically reclaim the 500 GB of space upon expiration.

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