From: ASUS WebStorage - Tuesday Oct 12, 2021 11:30 pm
⏰Your data manager is now online! You still have 100GB of unused space.

ASUS WebStorage

Your data manager is now online!

You still have 100GB of unused space.

You still have 100GB of unused space.

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Hi, EmailTuna
The new Timeline Backup is your data manager!

With Timeline Backup, we can backup manually or run backup tasks at a specified time, so we can get rid of repetitive backup tasks and become masters of time!

👍 Free users can perform manual backup.

⏰ Paid users can backup at fixed times of their choice, and the system will keep the latest version for you while eliminating the oldest version automatically in order to save space.

You still have 100GB of space available, so what are you waiting for?!
Current total space: 3.0 GB
Complete your backup by Nov 30th and get an extra 100GB(30day) of storage space free!

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*The 100 GB of storage space will expire after 27 days. The system will automatically reclaim the 100 GB of space upon expiration.

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