From: ASUS WebStorage - Thursday Dec 09, 2021 09:17 pm
EmailTuna, Merry Christmas! The best offer for you at year-end.

Here comes your Christmas gift:

ASUS WebStorage
EmailTuna , Merry Christmas!


Receive the offer

Hi EmailTuna

Here comes your Christmas gift:

Only US$0.92 / mo for 500GB!

Thanks to our global members, we have achieved a lot along the way.

  • Service up to 13 years
  • More than 70 million members worldwide
  • 3 data centers worldwide, protecting dozens of Petabyte users' data

Let us stay with you this Christmas and watch over you for the wonderful year to come!

Merry Christmas!

ASUS WebStorage VIP Team

500 GB $0.92 / mo

Only available for your ASUS Cloud ID

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