From: ASUS WebStorage - Wednesday Feb 23, 2022 10:36 pm
A lot of people will be wondering, how much space is 500 GB?

And there are other benefits besides storage space!

ASUS WebStorage

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Search for large video, photo and audio files, and move them to ASUS WebStorage!

ASUS WebStorage

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A lot of people will be wondering, how much space is 500 GB?
It’s more or less enough to store:

125 movies, or the equivalent of 250 hours of HD video

125,000 photos on your phone

500,000 computer files

It’s not just about storage that goes beyond your imagination, ASUS WebStorage allows you to enjoy even more benefits:

  • Automatic back-up of photos on your smartphone, one tap is all it takes!
  • Store files on the Cloud to free up storage space on your smartphone — watch it perform better!
  • No limit on the number of devices used. Not just smartphones, computers/tablets can also obtain N times the storage space!

500 GB $1.21 / mo

Limited numbers per day, don't miss out!

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