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Can I change the size of my jewelry?
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What was that popping sound?
DEAR BODY CANDY: My friend took me to her piercer where I just got my cartilage pierced and I'm kind of worried. When the piercer was pushing the needle through, I could hear a popping sound. Is that normal or should I be concerned?

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Can I change the size of my jewelry?
DEAR BODY CANDY: My piercer did my nose piercing with a 16 gauge. Is there any reason why I can’t switch to an 18 or 20? I have a possible procedure that I should consider a non-metal piercing for 6 weeks when treatment takes place and the 16 gauge Bioplast retainer type are quite the conventional piece. I do wish to know if I could have a more colorful or smaller gauge. If it helps, I’m 9 weeks post piercing. Thank you in advance.

Thank you,
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