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yeah, it’s a freakin’ summer swim sale and we just added new styles. WHABAM. Don’t believe me? Your summer loss then…but you should still check it out.
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yooooooooo download images muchacho
yooooooooo download images muchacho

Summer is coming. Your old swim trunk it’s...well… no it’s fine. It looks good. It’s so… 2006. Anyway, if you want new trunks we just added 9 new ones to our sale.

95% of a first impression is based on shirt choice according to a totally legit study. Lucky for you, our New Full Button Stretch Shirts give off the impression of “majestic beauty who faces the wind and allows his shirt to flap sensually in the breeze.”

These are the shortest trunks we make. They fly off the shelves like a bunch of shelved… birds…and we just put 13+ new birds on our shelf.

When I was in school our football coach used to make me wear a glass helmet. Come to think of it, I don’t think he liked me very much. And I think that was just a big fish bowl. Anyway, it didn’t work. Totally ineffective as a helmet.

~Erich "I still get headaches" Hellstrom and the Offensive Line at Chubbies

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