From: Chubbies Pride Collection - Tuesday Jun 04, 2019 09:03 pm
it's june, and you know what that means. Oh, you don't know what that means? Well, let me inform you. IT MEANS A BUNCH OF PRIDE-INSPIRED RAINBOW GEAR.
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yooooooooo download images muchacho

We’ve got a full collection of rainbow goodness to help you celebrate this June. Short trunks. Classic length trunks. Sport Shorts. Chubberalls. EVERY. THING. YOU. COULD. WANT.

Wee-oooh-weee-ohh there must be some heat coming off our website because a bunch of FIRE TRUNKS just arrived.

We brought back a few favorites you’ve been asking us about for months AND have a new pair that all the shorts scouts consider the #1 prospect.

We have 2 new shirts, restocked patterns, and 3 new ways to make awesome friends. The first 2 ways are buying one of these stretch shirts since the patterns say, “sup” and the fabric says, “yo.”

The 3rd way is to wear a bowler hat with dollar bills stapled all over it. Hand out the dollar bills to whoever says hello to you and beg them not to leave.

I am 99.726 % sure it is not your birthday.

~Joey "Happy Belated Birthday" Avery and the everyone else at Chubbies

yooooooooo download images muchacho

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