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it's almost July 4th, which means it's almost JULYBER SUNDAY AND ALSO TIME FOR A 4TH OF JULY COLLECTION. BOOM-TO-THE-SLAM.
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yooooooooo download images muchacho

It's called Julyber Sunday. And it's basically exactly like Cyber Monday, except in June, on a Sunday, and delivers just in time to completely outfit your 4th of July.

For ye who've been a part of the Chubster Nation for aeons, in the past we've done this on a Monday, but then we realized that was too closely affiliated with Work, and we ain't tryna play that, so we swapped it over to Sunday for a more leisurely Shopstravaganza.

This year's Julyber Sunday will feature:

1) sales and discounts up the wazoo

2) brand new free gifts with purchase every hour on the hour

3) brand new and exclusive product built for the 4th of July

PS OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE: If you place an order today, you will also receive a secret code for an additional 15% off any order you place on Julyber Sunday. Maximum discounts much?

The 4th of July is coming which means two things.

1) We’re dropping a bunch of fresh, patriotic, and limited styles that won’t be coming back once they’re gone.

2) The sun will be shining and you will be celebrating. We’d like to be there with you. In clothing form.

Today is National Make Up a Holiday Day. How are YOU celebrating?

~Erich "I'M DOING IT BY DOING IT" Hellstrom and everyone else at Chubbies

yooooooooo download images muchacho, PLEASE?????

Important legal mumbo jumbo: Terms and conditions apply to all promotions. Unless specified otherwise, all promotions are online only. Not all sale items eligible for further promotions. See website for details.​ Expedited orders must be placed before 11am PT for day-of shipping. All items noted final sale are final sale.


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