From: Cosmopolitan - Sunday Jan 06, 2019 05:09 pm
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Cosmopolitan spends a night in the exclusive sex party where (mostly straight) women ditch their male partners to explore their sexuality in private.
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Inside Skirt Club, the Secret, Worldwide Sex Party for Bisexual Women
The four women in the bathtub are so preoccupied with going down on each other, they don’t seem to notice me watching them. I've been walking around naked in this stranger's penthouse for several hours now, and tucked away in every nook of the apartment, groups of women are equally engrossed in one another. In a closet across from the tub, a woman is using a vibrator and moaning loudly. The rest of the master suite is crowded with limbs and faces buried between legs. The air smells like sex, but sweeter—perfume, plus sweat, minus men—and marijuana.

This is Skirt Club, a members-only society of nearly 11,000 women around the world, most of whom are in committed hetero relationships and identify as bi-curious or bisexual. Started in 2013 by a woman who saw a need for exclusively female sex parties, what was once a small gathering of 15 friends in London is now a full-fledged enterprise with approximately 50 parties per year in 12 major cities around the world.

On this particular night in September 2018, I'm in Manhattan with 100 vetted members who each paid $180 for a champagne-fueled, masquerade-themed night of NSFW experimentation.


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