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“Loaded bases, that's my motivation” - Nipsey Hussle, “Loaded Bases”

“Reginald single-handedly built an empire that changed our perception of what a Black man could accomplish," says businessman Robert Smith.

The third profile in our CultureX: The Forgotten series spotlights
Reginald F. Lewis, the New York lawyer who led the takeover of food conglomerate Beatrice International, creating the first Black-owned billion-dollar company in 1987. The deal earned Lewis a spot on the Forbes 400 in 1991. With a net worth $340 million ($656 million today), he was the only Black person to make the list of America’s wealthiest that year.

Follow along as we continue to highlight Black titans from throughout our nation’s history, plus data and testimony, as part of our ongoing
State of Black Entrepreneurship project.

Brianne Garrett

Brianne Garrett

Reporter, For(bes) The Culture Editorial Lead

Rashaad Lambert

Rashaad Lambert

Founder, For(bes) The Culture, Director, Culture & Community

Spotlight On: Tonya McKenzie

Spotlight On: Tonya McKenzie

For(bes) The Culture member Tonya McKenzie is a Los Angeles County commissioner and public relations consultant. Her firm, Sand & Shores PR, works with civic, educational, law enforcement and political organizations to foster media exposure and grow profitability. Her memoir, A Child's Memories of Cartoons and Murder, addresses non-combat-PTSD, predatory behavior, generational dysfunction and domestic violence. “My upbringing was rough, and the criminal justice system was a part of my childhood,” says McKenzie. “As a gun violence and sexual assault survivor, I wanted to have a career that had an impact on the lives of victims.”

News For The Culture

MaC Venture Capital, a newly merged, majority Black-led investment firm, raised an inaugural $110 million to double down on supporting overlooked tech startups on the brink of disruption.

Here’s how we continue to remember and honor
Nipsey Hussle two years after his death.

Emmy-nominated creative visionary and choreographer Laurieann Gibson opens up about the glass ceiling-breaking moves she’s made in the often oppressive dance industry.

A new hiring platform, the
People of Color Careers Social Hiring Network, wants to connect employers with top talent of color.

Black-led VC firm
Harlem Capital has raised $134 million in its second fund, an effort to keep backing seed-stage companies with founders who are women and people of color.

An open letter from
Dr. Bernice King, Al Vivian and John-Miles Lewis urges Atlanta's corporate leaders to actualize their commitments to racial justice.

"I don’t care about things, I care about experiences."

Bridgid Coulter

Founder and CEO of Blackbird House

Founders Finds From Rashaad Lambert and Vinasia Miles


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