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Check out these AMAZING success stories from these people who found our CBD oil. The results for them have been astounding!...
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Don't take it from us...

Take it from the countless pup parents who have seen INCREDIBLE results from using CBD with their dog. We have to pinch ourselves over how well our Cannanine™ CBD Oil is helping dogs everywhere.  From hip & joint pain, to anxiety - just check out some of these official reviews and see for yourself.

This CBD oil works exactly as we've read here on Cannanine. Our senior (18yo) dachshund was in pain in her hindquarters, though not lame. After around 3 weeks of daily CBD, she started walking the steps again, and over the time we've been dosing her, has been scampering and running around as well as she did 3 or so years ago. It is amazing, and it really works for her. We so appreciate it!”

By: Alison

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“Our 100 lb 4-year old Rottweiler is OCD, ADHD and restless to the point of exhaustion for herself as well as her owners. We had tried her on several prescription medications with limited success and decided after researching CBD oils that we would give it a try. The first oil we tried (from another seller) was not effective and came in a spray bottle that was difficult to dose accurately. After reading about the Cannanine product and their quality controls and production standards, I decided to give it another try. This time, I am pleased with the results. We give her the oil (which comes with a graduated dropper for dosing accuracy) on a small piece of bread with her dinner daily- she thinks it's a treat and loves getting it. She still needs her daily burn-off-the-energy outdoor play (Thank you Varsity Ball!!) but now is more relaxed and actually able to lay down in the evenings- something she has never done before. As a Pharmacist, I was impressed with the product information that is available at the web site, as well as what is included in the packaging. We will be ordering Cannanine from now on.”

By: Pati

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“6 weeks ago my vet had the talk with me about saying goodbye. Now my 14-15 year old Rat Terrier is up and walking. He obviously feels better and looks like he has come back from the edge. I believe that the CBD oil has made a big difference for him.”

By: Lee

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