From: Otaku House - Tuesday Jul 13, 2021 08:05 pm
😻😻New arrivals: Kuji - Sumikkogurashi Kokoga Lifestyle Chapter 4 <br>[FLAT SHIPPING] and more...
Check out these new stuff at Otaku House!Kuji - Sumikkogurashi Kokoga Lifestyle Chapter 4

There are 65 prizes to be won! Buy any number of tickets for a chance to win any of the prizes in the images. There will be a video streaming of the drawing of the prizes after you have purchased the tickets. The streaming drawing date will be updated here, along with the remaining prizes. The exact date and time details will be emailed to buyers.

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Prizes lineup:

○ A Prize - Outdoor Seat Air Pillow (2 design, 2 pcs)
○ B Prize - Calendar Clock with Mascot (2 designs, 2 pcs)
○ C Prize - Fast Food Display Set (2 designs, 2 pcs)
○ D Prize - Plush (4 designs, 6 pcs)
○ E Prize - Sports Plush with Ball Chain (4 design, 8 pcs)
○ F Prize - Mini Light (6 designs, 6 pcs) ○ G Prize - Clear Mini Pouch (5 designs, 7 pcs)
○ H Prize - Lucky Star Chibi Mascot (4 designs, 12 pcs)
○ I Prize - 3D Clear Light (7 designs, 10 pcs)
○ J Prize - Handy Mini Fan (5 designs, 10 pcs)
○ Last Prize - Jinbesan Premium Jumbo Plush (1 design, 1 pc)


*For this Kuji, we will not be billing shipping separately and the shipping you pay during checkout will be the final shipping irrespective of the item you win!

That's right! No extra shipping for the larger prizes like Prize As and the last prize!

**There are strictly no refunds or cancellations for Kuji, blind boxes and capsules purchased. %recipient.