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Imagine getting taught by world-renowned authors, CEOs, and experts to improve your social and financial life.

Ariana Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post, Charles Duhigg, Pultizer prize winner, Mo Gawdat, Google's chief brand officer, and many other authors and experts' books are distilled through powerful MentorBox lessons, consisting of summarized audio nuggets, member discussions, and even video workshops where the authors themselves teach you their books on video.

If all that's stopping you from reading is a busy schedule, MentorBox's well-known Cheat Sheets and Memorization Booklets allow you to read and digest an entire book in ten minutes!

If you want to see how this could work for yourself, you might want to hurry and snatch MentorBox's $1 trial offer + FREE bonus while it's still there.

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