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Alex Matus For RVCA Platform
Alex Matus For RVCA Platform
THE MATUS SENTINEL "My tires are a sparkling blur as I speed across the landscape. Hundreds of miles of open road, wind-lashed hair, and brutally loud tunes. I swallow large gulps of thin, fresh air, trying to store this place forever in my lungs, keeping a reserve for when I ultimately return to civilization. But I move on. From the sawtooth peaks of the Sierra, the dry moonscapes of the East Side, along the verdant winding roads of the coast. The Sentinel looks on, sending storms or favorable winds depending on his moon. So far I've endured, only by my wits, gallons of caffeine, and the grace of the road gods." - Alex Matus

Meet "The Sentinel" in this month’s curated Platform T-Shirt from artist Alex Matus. The tee features an allover screenprint on the front and back. It comes in special edition packaging and is available exclusively on


Alex Matus Bio
ALEX MATUS | BIO “Dirtbag can be such a derisive term, but I’d like to think of it as a badge to be worn with pride. Or in my case, a pair of pants that I haven’t washed in who knows how long with pride. It’s a commitment to non-commitment. The extreme aversion to the nine to five, managers, landlords, idiots, assholes, cops and the man. Not so much a choice, as the inability to do anything else with your life than seek the great outdoors, adventure, and the unknown.” – Alex Matus
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