From: Scott's Cheap Flights - Tuesday Jun 18, 2019 01:25 pm
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Score the best deals possible when you set your departure airports.
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Over the past few months weโ€™ve been hard at work building new ways to help you score the best deals possible. We are excited to announce three major upgrades to your account.

Home airports - You can now set your home airport so that youโ€™ll never miss a deal from the airport you fly from most frequently.

Recommended airports - Based on your home airport, you can now get personalized recommendations on other airports to follow from our team of Flight Experts. We dove super deep into our deal data and found some surprising results.

Follow any airport - You can now select specific airports you want deals from. We even re-designed the selection process to make choosing your preferred airports a breeze.
Set my airports
Set your home airport
Never miss a Limited member level deal departing from your local airport ever again. You can always change the airports youโ€™ve selected so if you move, youโ€™re covered.
Follow any airport
Follow airports to get flight deals departing from anywhere you choose.
Flight Expert recommended airports
We've crunched the numbers and found the best nearby and hub airports for you to follow to get the best deals.
Set my airports
Flight Expert Tip
โ€œBy setting your home airport, we can let you know which nearby airports you could select to get even more bargains. Youโ€™ll get more relevant, targeted deals, and weโ€™ll get insight into which airports our members are most interested in seeing deals from. Then we can give these a little extra attention and make sure theyโ€™re getting the best deals possible. Win-win!โ€
Nicole P
Flight Expert
Donโ€™t miss out on the best deals.
You'll continue to get occasional deals from your airports as a Limited member, but Premium members get up to 5x more deals. Go Premium to get all of the best deals, mistake fares, and holiday and peak season deals.
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