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Why do some people snore so loudly?
By Alayna Vaughan, directed by Rémi Cans, Boniato Studio
A leather mask that clamps the mouth shut. A cannonball sewn into a soldier’s uniform. A machine that delivers sudden electrical pulses. These were all treatments for a problem that has haunted humanity for millennia: snoring. It might seem harmless, but snoring can be a sign of something more dangerous. So, what exactly causes snoring? Alayna Vaughan digs into the troublesome sleep disorder.

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The twins who tricked the Maya gods of death
By Ilan Stavans, directed by Arvind Singh Jeena and Nikhita Prabhudesai
One day, twin brothers Junajpu and Ixb’alanke discovered their father’s hidden ballgame equipment and began to play. Hearing their vigorous game, the lords of the underworld sent a messenger to challenge the boys to a match. Despite the danger, the twins nevertheless answered the call, making the trek to the great city of Xibalba. Who would emerge victorious? Ilan Stavans shares the Maya myth.

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There are only few days left to apply to the TED-Ed Student Talks program in 2021! The Student Talks program is an exciting opportunity to dive into what students are passionate about and explore what it means to develop and deliver a clear, cultivating message, practicing both writing and verbal communication. We are a community that loves to learn, inspire others, and have fun while doing so! Click here to learn more about the free program materials and apply so that you can get started next year.

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TED Masterclass
To be human is to tell stories. Stories are how we make sense of the world and share our ideas, passions, and unique perspectives. All powerful storytellers share a skill — and it’s more important now than ever. Learn more about it on our blog.

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