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A bunch of my colleagues got together to film a video about their favorite gadgets of 2018 — not the best gadgets, but their favorites: ones they enjoyed the most, whether or not they were truly great products.

My favorite gadget is one I bought this year, but came out last year: the Nintendo Switch. I hadn't owned a game console in a decade, and the Switch has been the perfect return. It feels so casual to pick up and play, and its catalog is filled with years worth of excellent indie games that debuted on other platforms. I'll be catching up on them for a while to come.



+ Our favorite gadgets of 2018

Elon Musk is the first influencer CEO

+ Failed to shop for someone? Try last-minute digital gifts

+ Some stores still have free and fast shipping, too

+ The best smartwatch for iPhone and Android

---> Wear OS, uh, doesn't make an appearance

+ Please don't fly drones near airports

+ Fun! AT&T will tell you your phone is on 5G when it's really on 4G

+ CES is almost here — time for some cool projectors

+ Samsung's Bright Night will be a clone of Google's Night Sight

--> I'm very interested to see if a company without the software skills of Google can pull this off

+ FaceCoin is actually WhatsAppCoin


+ It's Saturday, I don't know!

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