From: The Verge - Wednesday Dec 26, 2018 08:00 pm
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Happy post-Christmas day. Maybe you're back at work, and if so, welcome. If not, enjoy the time off!

Today's episode of The Verge's podcast Why'd You Push That Button pushes us further into the holiday spirit with talk of hashtag holidays. I co-host the show, and on it,'s Kaitlyn Tiffany and I try to figure out why people participate in "holidays," like #NationalSiblingsDay or #WorldNutellaDay.

We actually find some answers!

You can subscribe and listen to the show anywhere you normally get your podcasts, so check it out and maintain that holiday cheer.



+ Why do you post on hashtag holidays?



Google gets a C

Facebook gets a D


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YouTube faces backlash on Twitter over lifted, uncredited holiday video

Washington Redskins reportedly backed out of Huawei Wi-Fi deal because of government concerns

+ The actor Jack Black is launching a YouTube channel

Aggretsuko’s holiday special nails the ups and downs of the perfect Instagram photo

HQ Trivia becomes HQ Trivia & Words as second game exits beta

+ Snapchat lenses but for dogs

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