From: The Verge - Monday Jan 07, 2019 08:00 pm
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CES is here. There's already too much news, so let's dive in.



+ Today's must-see: LG's TV rolls up and hides when it's not in use. We got in-person video, it's pretty wild.

+ Audi and Disney are putting VR inside... cars

+ Technics has huge turntable news for DJs

+ Congrats, AT&T has upgraded your phone to fake 5G!

+ Huge news from Sunday: iTunes is coming to Samsung TVs

---> What!?!? iTunes? And Samsung?

+ Ring's new doorbell is a replacement for peepholes

Smells like there could be drama in the scented proprietary pods business

+ So. Many. Wi-Fi 6. Routers.

+ Mophie's new battery case lets you use Lightning headphones

Petcube 2 lets you use Alexa to fling treats at your pets

There's finally a third-party USB-C to Lightning cable

+ Sennheiser made a $2,499 soundbar

I’m tired of waiting for water to boil

+ That's not even half of it. See for more.

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