From: The Verge - Wednesday Jan 09, 2019 08:00 pm
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As CES moves into day two, we're starting to notice a lot of the quirkier, duller, and more exciting parts of the show. Some things are more exciting than they were last year (TVs are very good this year); some things have barely moved (laptops, what's up?); and other things are as much of a mixed bag as ever (hello, robots with cute blinking eyes to distract me from how useless you are).

The point is, we've got plenty more to come, and plenty more news is still arriving, too.



+ Super wide monitors, portable monitors, space-saving monitors, and, uh, reverse notches are coming into style

Laptops barely changed at CES this year — that’s a good thing

+ Video: the world’s first foldable phone is charmingly awful

+ "I can’t believe Asus is serious with these motherboard names"

+ Podcast: People want exclusive dating apps

The five types of robots you meet at CES

+ Ethereum Classic hack is a bad omen for the blockchain

+ Genius: this AirPods case is also a fidget spinner

+ Apple: we're gonna do something this year, it'll earn us money. Stop freaking out you guys, it's fine, really.

AMD announces Radeon VII, its next-generation $699 graphics card

+ A wheat expert and a mathematician are trying to debunk really old people

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