From: The Verge - Thursday Jan 10, 2019 08:00 pm
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CES continues, but we're already starting to look back. We have a look at the show's best laptops and its strangest gaming prototypes, and roundups of the many, many, many new devices announced with support for Google's Assistant and Amazon's Alexa.

Stay with us, there's another whole day to go.



The best laptops from CES 2019

Gaming is driving the wildest PC experiments

Hole-punch displays are good!

---> The notch era is over! I mean, not yet, but maybe eventually it's like... it could be over, but the whole iPhone X thing... Okay, never mind.

+ Google Assistant soundbars, displays, mirrors, and more

+ Alexa headphones, displays... a toilet?, and more

Nvidia’s CEO says AMD’s new GPU is "lousy"

+ Samsung Galaxy S10 is coming on February 20th (foldable phone is supposed to appear, too)

+ Video: This robot’s only purpose is to be loved

Alienware will let you take this machine up to $4,844

T-Mobile begins verifying calls to protect against spam

+ Deal: AOC’s $189 gaming monitor is a cheap way to get G-Sync adaptive sync

Xiaomi announces $150 phone with 48-megapixel camera

1TB SD cards are finally a thing you can buy

+ AT&T is grinning about 5G E

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