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Plus, the truth about coconut oil
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1. Is it easier to track all of my daily food at once or as I go?

2. Do I prefer tracking before, during, or after I eat?

3. Do I save meals in the WW app for quicker tracking or start from scratch each time?

Based on how you answer these questions, figure out how you can track. That might mean snapping photos of your food and tracking all of your meals at once or tracking meals as you eat them. Then figure out when you'll track. Maybe you set aside 5 to 10 minutes after dinner every night to make it happen or right before you eat. That's your tracking game plan!
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My sweet Valentine's Day idea
Looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day treat? These Sweet-Heat Chocolate Disks are easy to makeโ€”and use only two ingredients! Don't forget to have fun with the toppings. I love crystallized ginger but another tasty choice is 1/4 cup dried mango thatโ€™s diced and tossed with paprika (optional).
โ€”Leslie Fink, WW nutritionist and recipe editor
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Whatโ€™s for dessert?
Reminder: Chocolate can fit into your SmartPointsยฎ Budget any dayโ€”not just on Valentine's Day!
Creamy chocolate walnut fudge
Chocolate peanut butterโ€“banana overnight oats
Mini chocolate chip cookies
Easiest-ever 4-ingredient chocolate pie
Chocolate muffins
More chocolate recipes โ†’
Can coconut oil boost weight loss?
Don't believe the hype! No single food can peel off pounds, and coconut oil may actually foil weight-loss efforts. Consider this: A tablespoon of coconut oil is worth 8 SmartPoints (a tablespoon of olive oil, on other hand, will cost you 5 SmartPoints value). While you can certainly make room for the oil if you like the flavor, adding extra coconut oil to your diet for weight-loss "benefits" could push you past your SmartPoints Budget and interfere with your progress.
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How to use 'em
Oranges bring gorgeous colorโ€”and juicy flavorโ€”to your meals. Look for easy-to-peel seedless varieties such as blood oranges, Cara Cara oranges, or Sumos. Adding orange zest to recipes intensifies their flavors, and the essential oils found in the peels prevent the rest of the recipeโ€™s ingredients from drying out. Just remember to zest the orange before you peel it!
More ideas
Orange, pomegranate, and feta salad
Orange upside-down cake
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