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Plus, how to stay motivated without the scale
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Your progress isn't solely measured by the number on the scale. A great way to stay motivated on your wellness journey is to take a moment to honor at least three of your non-scale victories every month. Examples could include learning how to cook healthier meals, starting a meditation practice, or discovering a new workout you love to do! Go a step further by jotting these wellness-related changes down in a journal or on a sticky note, then reading them aloud. How does it feel to hold space for these non-scale victories (or NSVs, in WW-speak)? Chances are, you'll feel pretty proud and excited to create a new list of NSVs the following month.
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Jackie London
Stop ordering salad when you really want pizza
The choices you make when ordering takeout should be based on your personal preferences and the foods you know you love, combined with the foods that make you feel physically satisfied and energized. Life is too short to incessantly worry about curating the โ€œperfectโ€ plate, especially since every meal or snack is another opportunity to practice making more nutritious, health-promoting choices that truly work for you and your lifestyle.
โ€”Jackie London, MS, RD, WW's head of nutrition and wellness.
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weekly recipes
Whatโ€™s cookin'?
We love carbs, but these savvy swaps for bread come in handy whether you're gluten-free or trying to save SmartPointsยฎ.
Bacon, egg, and cheese sweet potato toast
Caramel apple sandwiches
Asian-style lettuce wraps
Low-carb cheese pizza
Philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers
More clever cooking swaps โ†’
What is the carnivore diet and can it help me lose weight?
Suppose you're a steak-and-eggs person. In that case, the carnivore diet is an eating plan that's heavy on animal products. It removes all plant-based foods, which means it's incredibly restrictive and challenging, both physically and mentally. Given that you have fewer foods to choose from and in turn may eat less, it could lead to weight lossโ€”but only temporarily. Be mindful that, more often than not, a super-strict diet can deter you from reaching long-term wellness goals.
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Take time to appreciate your "loading phase."
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How to use it
Think of ginger as a versatile super spice that can add big flavor to your dishes and major benefits to your health. In addition to its zesty zing, it offers a good source of antioxidants and can even improve digestion. When purchasing fresh ginger, look for firm roots that feel heavy for its size. Don't worry if a piece has dry patchesโ€”that's just where part of the root was broken off. But drop the crop if it looks dried or shriveled overall.
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Ginger-lime chicken
Carrot-ginger dressing
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Weight loss
The science behind weight loss
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17 salty snacks and apps
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