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Name a better duo, we'll wait.
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ONE THING TO DO THIS WEEK | Be prepared for any sticky situation!
When life throws you a curveball, it can affect your wellness journey. An excellent way to avoid setbacks? Have food solutions in place for sticky situations.

Say your start each morning with a cup of joe and yogurt with fresh fruit. Those are your go-to foods that work for your daily schedule. Now, perhaps someone wants to take you out for breakfast. Instead of winging it at the restaurant, you could decide how many SmartPointsยฎ you wish to spend and scan the menu options before you get there. That way you can order with confidence and ease. (Use the restaurant finder in the app for ideas!)

The bottom line: Itโ€™s always helpful to have a plan in place for when the unpredictable tries to veer you off course.
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Count me in!
Leslie Fink
Go nuts for donuts!
Homemade bagels are all the rage thanks to WWโ€™s Two-Ingredient Dough and silicone bagel pans, but did you know that you can use the same dough and pan for baking fresh donuts at home? We want to see your unique takes on the beloved pastry, so share your creations on Instagram and in WW Connect with #WWdonuts.
โ€”Leslie Fink, WW nutritionist and recipe editor
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weekly recipes
Whatโ€™s Cookin?
Don't you just love hole foods? Whether you prefer sweet or savory, we're giving you five finger-lickin' reasons to post some #WWdonuts this week!
Double-chocolate donuts
Scallion-cheddar mashed potato donuts
Whole-wheat spaghetti donuts
Maple-bacon donuts
Mac and cheese donuts
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How can I build a new habit?
Habits are predictable things we do without even thinking, like crossing our legs when we sit down. They develop when we consistently repeat simple behaviors and spring to life based on a specific cue, like something we see, a time of day, or a way we feel.

Want to build a habit? Try this!

1. Choose a simple behavior you'd like to turn into a habit.
Try focusing on something that feels good, like drinking a cup of water first thing each day.

2. Identify a reliable cue that will remind you to take action.
For example: "When I press start on my coffee machine each morning, I'll fill my mug with water and drink it."

3. Each time you experience the cue, put your behavior into action!
This will help it become a habit over time.
โ€”Allison Grupski, PHD, WW director of behavior change strategies and coaching
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Remember, you are what you eat think.
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How to use it
Jicama (pronounced HEE-kah-ma) is a round root vegetable that offers a great source of fiber. It looks a lot like a potato, and it's just as versatile thanks to its crunchy and slightly sweet taste. Unlike spuds, you don't want to eat the skin! Use a chef's knife (a peeler won't do) to remove its thick, papery exterior.
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Air-fryer jicama fries
Jicama noodles with citrus dressing
Learn how ZeroPoint foods can help you reach your weight-loss goals.
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