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Plus spooktacular Halloween recipes!
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ONE THING TO DO THIS WEEK | Choose Your Own Fiber Adventure
At WW, we don't pick food favorites, but we have to say that we're pretty fond of anything high in fiber. In addition to helping with digestion, fiberβ€”a type of carbohydrateβ€”also supports heart health and long-term weight management.

Better yet, adding fiber-friendly foods to your meals (think fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes) will help keep you full longer. If your meal plan is lacking in fiber, give it a good-for-you boost with one of the food swaps above.
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Fast Facts, Right At Your Fingertips!
Want to learn more about the benefits of fiberβ€”or any other aspect of the WW journey? Just tap the Discover tab (located on the navigation bar) in the WW app. Then type in your search term ("fiber," "meal prep," or whatever you're interested in) to pull up science-backed explainers, related recipes, and more tied to the topic.
weekly recipes
Snack Board Tricks (and Treats)
These Budget-friendly Halloween snacks won't elicit a single booβ€”unless you're entertaining a group of ghosts!
Spooky sesame tortilla chips with pumpkin hummus and veggies
Olive β€œeyeball” cheese puffs
Romesco-flavored Halloween pumpkin eggs
Monster mash avocado snacks
Chocolate-peanut butter spider cookies
More pasta recipes β†’
Candy corn fruit-and-cheese skewers
You Asked, WW Answered
Dr. Allison Grupski
The scale isn’t moving. How can I stay positive?
First, look at the big picture. Even if you’re not losing right now, maintaining your weight is definitely something to celebrate. It means that you’re sticking to good-for-you habits like eating well and exercising. But I get it, positive reinforcement (seeing the number on the scale tick downward!) feels good and can keep you moving forward. So where else can you find that right now? Maybe you’re walking three miles at a time, when a few weeks ago you were only walking one. Or perhaps you feel more energetic these days. Focus on that until the scale catches up with your progress.
β€”Dr. Allison Grupski, WW’s Senior Director of Behavior Change
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You won’t even miss the noodles in this all-veggie lasagna!
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Figs are a delicious source of calcium, potassium, and the word of the day: fiber! They're also quite delicate. In other words, use 'em or lose 'em! (They'll keep in the fridge for about three days.)
How to use them
Fig and blue cheese crostini with balsamic-honey drizzle
Grilled chicken sausage and onion salad with figs
Learn how ZeroPoint foods can help you reach your weight-loss goals.
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