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All-Star Acoustic Guitars
All-Star Acoustic Guitars
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Whether you prefer a rustic dreadnought, or a more modern-shaped guitar with the latest electronics, your taste in acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars says a lot about you. We've put together a list of our top-rated acoustic guitars with quotes from their proud owners. Check it out and see if any resonate with you!
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Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar (with Case)
Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar (with Case)
New, $1,299 or 12 payments of $108.25
Stars 28 Ratings
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"The deep and rich lows give your sound that beefy bottom end that an acoustic needs and the sharp and snappy mids/highs round out that signature sound for a balanced but definitely deep sound."
- Neil in San Antonio, TX
"Every joint, seam and square inch of the finish is absolutely perfect. When you first play it you will fall in love with this guitar, what a sound it has from heavy strumming to light picking and fingerstyle!"
- Paul in Cincinnati, OH
Ibanez AW54 Artwood Acoustic Guitar
Ibanez AW54 Artwood Acoustic Guitar
New, $199.99 or 6 payments of $33.34
Stars 9 Ratings
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"This guitar is amazing and the action and sound quality are almost unbelievable. This can be an everyday guitar and I would record with it."
- Michael in Strongsville, OH
"The sound is amazingly clear, crisp, with some punch to it and it has a long sustain. Great tones all around. Super fun to play. A very pleasing voice from this all-wood acoustic."
- Sheridan in Mobile, AL
Epiphone EJ-200SCE Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Epiphone EJ-200SCE Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar
New, $499 or 8 payments of $62.38
Stars 129 Ratings
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"This thing has two outputs and two pickups you can blend to create stereo imaging. It sounds wonderful plugged in! I got the black one and it looks like something Johnny Cash would play."
- Paul in San Diego, CA
"I took it to the club and the band, as well as the audience, was blown away by the guitar. The non-musician audience members LOVED the look of the guitar, and the more music-minded loved the sound, the projection and the articulation of the jumbo!"
- Steve in North Hollywood, CA
Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar
Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar
New, $499 or 6 payments of $83.17
Stars 12 Ratings
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"This little guitar is awesome! Well-made, sounds amazing, is reasonably priced and comes with a fantastic gig bag!"
- Todd in Palmetto, FL
"The ebony feels smooth and is extremely easy to play. I'm mostly an electric player and this neck makes it very easy on my hands. The tone is quite even and has a touch of the darker hog tone you want in a mahogany guitar."
- Chris
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