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FREE Shipping on Every Order! Universal Audio's OX allows guitarists to dime their favorite amps and keep the volume down.
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Join Us as We Dive Deep Into the OX in Our Exclusive Video!
Dive Deep Into the OX in Our Exclusive Video!
Wish you could experience the blistering tone of your cranked Marshall without getting kicked out of your apartment? Or maybe you can't get your AC30 juiced up enough for that Brian May-esque sustain without your ears ringing? With Universal Audio's OX Amp-Top Box, those tube amp pipe dreams have become a reality.

Full disclosure: the OX isn't your average load box. Aside from being a fully functional amp attenuator, it also packs in a generous helping of professional recording features -- which happen to be UA's specialty. The free OX mobile and desktop apps put world-class Universal Audio compression, EQ, delay and reverb at your fingertips. Use the in-app mic and speaker cabinet emulations to sculpt your sound with incredible precision. You can even load up to 6 rig presets into the OX, and use them when you don't have the app around.

Get some use out of your high-powered tube amp while you're at home with the Universal Audio OX. Order yours today for just 12 payments of $108.25 and enjoy fast, free shipping with just your first payment down!
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