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All-Star Studio Monitors
All-Star Studio Monitors
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A reliable, accurate set of studio monitor speakers is essential for getting your project to sound right. The ideal studio monitors offer a flat, neutral response at any volume level, allowing you to tweak EQ, panning, and other settings with confidence until you're satisfied with the result.

We've put together an All-Star list of studio monitors, along with quotes from happy engineers who swear by them in the studio. There are many options available at multiple price points to suit your needs and budget. Check it out to find a pair for your next project!
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Adam A7X Powered Studio Monitors
Adam A7X Powered Studio Monitors
Pair, $1,499.98 or 12 payments of $125
Stars 30 Ratings
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"The clarity is UNMATCHED! Also the ribbon tweeter is GREAT for long mix sessions. I'll add the Adam Sub8 and the very SLIGHT loss of bass response should be more than compensated. CLEANEST monitors I've heard for under $3,000 yet!"
- Robert in Mandan, ND
"I go to the studio and hook them up to my audio interface and from there on, I'm truly blown away. There are truly the sexiest monitors I've seen or heard."
- A Happy Owner
Yamaha HS8 Active Studio Monitors
Yamaha HS8 Active Studio Monitors
Pair, $739.98 or 8 payments of $92.50
Stars 14 Ratings
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"I would recommend these to anyone who really cares about getting perfect levels and hearing sounds and frequencies as they really are!"
- Noah in Palmdale, CA
"The low, mid and highs on these monitors are as true to the mix as you can possibly get. The clarity is breathtaking, even at very high volume."
- Derrick in West Orange, NJ
Kali Audio LP-6 2-Way 6.5 Powered Studio Monitors
Kali Audio LP-6 2-Way 6.5" Powered Studio Monitors
Pair, $298 or 4 payments of $74.50
Stars 11 Ratings
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"At a reasonable listening level, they have low end that rumbles, mids that sit snug in the mix and highs that aren't harsh or washed. It's simply amazing how even these sound across the frequency spectrum and without a sub."
- Zachary in Bloomington, IL
"Nice separation. I've experienced fatigue with a few other "higher end" brands but these sing with the track and allow me to lean into the mix."
- Kerry in Columbia, SC
Alesis Elevate 5 MKII Active Studio Monitors
Alesis Elevate 5 MKII Active Studio Monitors
Pair, $129 or 4 payments of $32.25
Stars 3 Ratings
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"The Alesis Elevate 5 MKII speakers are an outstanding value. I got two pairs and run all 4 at the same time on a Focusrite Clarett. The speakers are set full volume for ease of use, there's zero hiss or distortion."
- Cimmay in Seattle, WA
"I really like the tweeters compared to titanium ones because the highs are much smoother. These have a bass boost switch which I don't use because for near field monitors they have a balanced sound without it...Overall a good buy for the money."
- Mark in Yuma, AZ
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