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The Dow fell 831 points yesterday. And today’s session brought still more selling and extreme volatility. Gold is up 3% in two days.

How do you make sense of all this fast-twitch, hyperreactive, short-term market noise?

The short answer is that you don’t. Nobody knows what will happen to the market over the short term. But we’re sending you this email because it’s entirely possible this deep plunge could mark the beginning of the major correction our founder, Mike Maloney, believes is inevitable.

Video: Market Screams Bubble

In this video, Mike drills deep into the data to find patterns nobody else has. See why his brand new Fragility Index is screaming that stocks are in a bubble that is primed to pop. 

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We’re also sending you this email because -- despite short term moves up -- right now is still an extraordinary opportunity to buy precious metals at 50-year inflation-adjusted lows:

1980 CPI Show Gold at All-time Lows
1980 CPI Says Silver Hasn't Been This Cheap in 50 years

Incredibly, the investments that tend to trade most inversely to the stock market are as cheap as they’ve been in generations. Precious metals, “stock market insurance,” are perhaps the only asset class that is not currently in a bubble.

How much flood insurance would you buy if it cost pennies on the dollar just days before the hurricane of the century was due to strike?

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