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khairabad cafe

First Course

Karachi's Last Iranian Cafe

By Saba Imtiaz

Daal fry, chicken tikka, fried fish, sabzi ghotala (a vegetable curry with an egg scrambled through), and chicken jalfrezi are brought to the counter alongside a tower of naan or chapatis, fresh from the tandoor. These are just a sampling of lunches from Khairabad, one of last Iranian-origin cafes in Karachi. Most Iranian cafes closed down as the owners left, passed away, or were squeezed out as the land became more valuable, but Khairabad continues to thrive.

Pair with: Chicken Tikka

Celebrating The Humble, Greasy, Un-Instagram-able Hawaiian Plate Lunch

By Mitchell Kuga

Hawaii’s best lunch is two scoops of white rice, macaroni salad slathered in mayo, and a choice of meat (always greasy), all piled into a styrofoam container. The Hawaiian plate lunch is an amalgamation of immigrant tastes: plantation workers taking culinary staples from Asia and transforming them under the strain of limitations that only working-class people living on islands can understand.

Pair with: Macaroni Salad

Delicatessen Cholent

Main Course

Cholent, Tel Aviv’s Jewish Cassoulet

By Debra Kamin

Cholent isn’t always the most appetizing, but one writer found a version that she calls a Jewish cassoulet. It’s slow-cooked for up to 24 hours, which means that Jews can cook it even though they can’t light fires during the Sabbath. Preparation starts before sundown on Friday night and left to cook on a low flame until lunchtime the following Saturday.

Pair with: Nana Nicky’s Cholent


You Can’t Sit With Us, And Other Great Lunch Moments in Movie History

By Zachary Shevich

Delicious, savory, weird, and crazy: Here are 13 of the most memorable movie lunch moments for a sweet finish to March’s menu.

Pair with: The Food Films We Are Excited to Watch in 2018



All Hail Tereré, The Best Summer Beverage

By Katherine Whittaker

Tereré is an Argentinian drink that combines regular mate and cold water juice or lemonade. Sipped through a bombilla, or metal straw, it’s refreshing and tangy, with a little extra kick from the herbs.

Pair with: Alfajores

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