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Plus, warm-and-cozy fall dinner recipes.
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ONE THING TO DO THIS WEEK | Get Your Squad Involved
Other WW members and Coaches aren't the only ones who affect your wellness journey. Friends and family can also influence and support you as you work toward your goals, even if they aren't on the program. And that's a good thing! Including these people on your journeyβ€”without pressuring them to joinβ€”can make it easier for you to stick to your goals.

This week, think about your squad and decide who you'll include and what strategy you'll try. For example, turn your catch-up with your bestie into activity time by taking a walk together. Or team up in the kitchen by asking your partner to help cook a new WW recipe with you.
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Goodbye | Hibernation | Hello | GOOD VIBRATION
Gift Yourself…With Kindness
We share it all the time with loved ones, but we deserve to unwrap it too. Specifically, reframe your weight-loss journey as an act of kindness to yourself, not a punishment for past behavior. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! The more you repeat the gesture, the easier it is to maintainβ€”and the more likely it becomes a habit. (Want more advice on how to make small mental shifts like this? Preorder your copy of The Shift, the new book from Gary Foster, PhD, WW’s Chief Scientific Officer.)
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weekly recipes
Celebrate with Us
These savory recipes are loaded with the best of fall’s produce. Share the love and serve them at your next get-together.
Mini pumpkin-pecan tartlets
Cinnamon-spiced oven-roasted sweet potatoes
Roasted beets, carrots, and brussels sprouts
Cumin-spiced chicken with pears
Creamy spaghetti squash with ricotta and spinach
More recipes β†’
How Shannon Honors Her Heritage (And Health)
"My extended family is super close and Mexican dishes are the heart of our gatherings. I once assumed that β€˜healthy living’ would mean having to give up part of my identity. Now I'm happy to say the opposite is true. My daily habits and personal health may have changed, but the most joyful and authentic aspects of my lifeβ€”my family, our traditions, our heritageβ€”aren't going anywhere."
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Petition ti make pizza a food group of its own
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Nothing says fall like crisp, juicy apples! Almost half of an apple’s vitamin Cβ€”and most of its fiberβ€”is found in the skin, so eat them unpeeled for maximum nutritional benefit.
How to use ’em
Chicken thighs with apples, onions and sauerkraut
Apple spice bundt cake with pomegranate glaze
Learn how ZeroPoint foods can help you reach your weight-loss goals.
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