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Plus, new ways to use butternut squash.
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This month, weโ€™re digging into a hot topic: How what you eat and drink affects not just your weight loss but also your healthโ€”and how you feel. Thereโ€™s so much to unpack (lots of eye-openers!), but letโ€™s start small. This week, take a moment to complete the two steps above before you eat. Theyโ€™ll help you become more in tune with your eating patterns. And as always, enjoy your meal and track it in the WW app!
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Goodbye | Hibernation | Hello | GOOD VIBRATION
Turn Thoughtโ€ฆInto Action
What we think determines how we feel and what we do. Thatโ€™s not Pinterest inspo; itโ€™s proven cognitive behavioral psychology! So if you want to change what you do, focus on how you think. Be aware of unhelpful thoughts and reframe them to what's actually real. When you alter what you think, you can alter what you doโ€ฆand push those dominos toward long-term success. This small shift makes a big difference for your weight-loss and wellness journey. Want more advice? Preorder your copy of The Shift, the new book from Gary Foster, PhD, WWโ€™s Chief Scientific Officer.
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weekly recipes
A Work of Tart
Fact: Everything tastes better with a crust. Exhibit A: Our sweet and savory tarts. They make for the perfect appetizer, dessert, or side.
Goat cheese tartlets with spiced apple-fig compote
Mini vanilla bean-pomegranate cheesecake tarts
Pistachio baklava bites
Butternut squash tart with candied pecans
Spiced pear and pomegranate tart
More tart recipes โ†’
How Coach Estela Honors Her Heritage (and Health)
My heritage is a representation of who I am. Hardworking, passionate, and resilient are all traits that define me as a Latina.

My go-to cooking tip: I make small, healthier changes to my family's traditional recipes, like not frying the tortillas for tacos or enchiladas.

My fave WW recipe: Mexican Chicken with Zucchini, Corn, and Black Beans. I make it even more Budget-friendly by swapping chicken for tofu and incorporating more vegetables that are in season or on sale.
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Your life is now, even if you wish you looked different.
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Butternut Squash
Its pumpkin cousin gets most of the face time in October, but make sure to carve out recipes with butternut squash. It plays nice in everything from fries to soup to sweet soufflรฉs. Bonus: Just one cup of butternut squash contains 48 percent of your daily value of vitamin C.
How to use it
Butternut squash soufflรฉ
Butternut squash-crust pizza with Fontina and sage
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