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A day in the life of a Babylonian business mogul

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The life cycle of a cup of coffee
By A.J. Jacobs, directed by Biljana Labovic
How many people does it take to make a cup of coffee? For many of us, all it takes is a short walk and a quick pour. But this simple staple is the result of a globe-spanning process whose cost and complexity are far greater than you might imagine. AJ Jacobs traces the journey of this caffeinated elixir from seed to cup.

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A day in the life of an ancient Babylonian business mogul
By Soraya Field Fiorio, directed by Keegan Thornhill
It’s 1762 BCE. As dawn breaks in the Babylonian city of Sippar, Beltani— a priestess and businesswoman— receives an urgent visit from her brother. He makes a troubling accusation: her tavern keeper has been undermining the business Beltani relies on in her old age. Now she has just a few short hours to find out the truth. Soraya Field Fiorio details a day in the life of a Babylonian naditu.

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Why should you read Toni Morrison’s “Beloved”?
By Yen Pham, directed by Héloïse Dorsan Rachet
Two tiny handprints stamped into a cake. A mirror that shatters without warning. A trail of cracker crumbs strewn along the floor. Everyone at 124 Bluestone Road knows their home is haunted— but there’s no mystery about the spirit tormenting them. So begins “Beloved,” Toni Morrison’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama. Yen Pham digs into the novel's exploration of the dehumanizing effects of slavery.

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