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Why is it so hard to cure the common cold?

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What's the smartest age?
By Shannon Odell, directed by Biljana Labovic
Tomorrow is the annual Brain Clash — a decathlon of mental challenges, trivia competitions, and puzzles. Amir needs a smart and capable teammate and must choose between three people; all of different ages and talents. So, who should Amir choose for the contest? Shannon Odell breaks down the idea of “smart” and explores how our brain development impacts our skills at various stages of our lives.

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Why is it so hard to cure the common cold?
By George Zaidan, directed by Anton Bogaty
On average, adults catch more than 150 colds throughout their lives. Even with similar symptoms, the cause could be different each time. Common colds are caused by at least 8 different families of virus, each of which can have its own subtypes. How can so many different viruses cause the same illness? And is a cure even possible? Explore the two main strategies we employ to fight viruses.

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