From: TED Talks Daily - Thursday Sep 09, 2021 09:01 pm
The upside of government deficits
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The big myth of government deficits

13:59 minutes · TEDMonterey

Government deficits have gotten a bad rap, says economist Stephanie Kelton. In this groundbreaking talk, she makes the case to stop looking at government spending as a path towards frightening piles of debt, but rather as a financial contribution to the things that matter -- like health care, education, infrastructure and beyond. "We have the resources we need to begin repairing our broken systems," Kelton says. "But we have to believe it's possible."

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How to invest in social good

How to invest in social good

Great, practical advice on ways to responsibly invest (time, money and even your company's data) for the good of our global society. Watch »

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