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Ethical dilemma: Would you lie?

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Ethical dilemma: Would you lie?
By Sarah Stroud, directed by Avi Ofer
Your plan to set up your friend Carey with your acquaintance Emerson is finally coming together. You’ve made them a dinner reservation, but suddenly realize that there's a problem: Carey is always late. You really want this relationship to work— what if you told Carey dinner was at 6 instead of 6:30, so they arrived on time? Is it okay to lie? Sarah Stroud explores this classic ethical dilemma.

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Can you solve the fortress riddle?
By Henri Picciotto, directed by Igor Coric, Artrake Studio
Bad news: your worst enemies are at the gate. Your fledgling kingdom guards the world’s only herd of tiny dino creatures. To you, they’re sacred. To everyone else, they’re food. The three closest nation-states have teamed up to smash open your walls and devour the herd. Can you build fortifications for your kingdom before the siege weapons arrive? Henri Picciotto shows how.

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