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Can you solve the alien pyramid riddle?

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The myth of Pegasus and the chimera 
By Iseult Gillespie, directed by Karina Forero, Lucy Animation Studio
Shielded from the gorgon’s stone gaze, Perseus crept through Medusa’s cave. When he reached her, he drew his sickle and brought it down on her neck. From Medusa's neck sprung two children. One was a giant wielding a golden sword; the other was the magnificent, winged horse, Pegasus. No bridle could contain him— until one fateful day. Iseult Gillespie details the myth of the hero Bellerophon.

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Can you solve the alien pyramid riddle?
By Henri Picciotto, directed by Igor Coric, Artrake Studio
Today is the anniversary of the best-worst day of your life. The best part was discovering a subterranean city on Mars. The worst part was when you lost contact with Earth. You and the other 99 scientists have spent the year engineering your survival, but you’re almost out of water and solutions. Can you figure out how the last civilization lived on this desert planet? Henri Picciotto shows how. 

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