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Özlem Cekic's email inbox has been full of hate mail since 2007, when she won a seat in the Danish Parliament -- becoming the first female Muslim to do so. At first she just deleted the emails, dismissing them as the work of fanatics, until one day a friend made an unexpected suggestion: to reach out to the hate mail writers and invite them to meet for coffee. Hundreds of "dialogue coffee" meetings later, Cekic shares how face-to-face conversation can be one of the most powerful forces to disarm hate -- and challenges us all to engage with people we disagree with.
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I'm full of admiration for Cekic's effort to understand, challenge and change the views of the people that are sending her hate mail. It's worth watching – and trying.

A Pandemic Check-Up and Looking Ahead
Tuesday, September 20, 12PM ET

Are back-to-back pandemics our new reality? Find out from the expert himself: Dr. Anthony Fauci. Get the scoop on COVID-19, monkeypox and more from the biomedical scientist who has advised seven U.S. Presidents on major health issues. Plus, find out what’s next for him after retirement in this special TED Member conversation between Dr. Fauci and TED science curator, David Biello.

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